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  1. As a Legal Secretary I appreciate having Mobile Drugs Screen as a partner. When a divorce settlement or a Court Order is made stipulating drug testing as a company you react quickly to make sure the order is followed to the letter while still maintaining dignity for the client, thank you! I love the simplicity in just one phone call or email.

    • As always CJ, thank you for all the work you do in and around Los Angeles. You Sir and your team of volunteers are the hero’s over the years we’ve been involved you have tirelessly helped so many deserving people.

      MDS will continue to support you.



  2. My company has been a client of Mobile Drugs Screen for nearly 5 years, our business is located in Orange County, California but origins are Australia and China and we are I’d say a medium sized business. The service both before and after the transaction is amazing! The folks at Mobile Drugs Screen are highly educated but not just that they are customer focused something these days which is lacking but not here. Mobile Drugs Screen has just started in Australia partnering with a like company down there so we are now negotiating services to start in Australia. This company has and is ‘A’ rated, I have referred clients to Mobile Drugs Screen not just in the USA, they’ve partnered with a like company even in China. THIS REVIEW IS LONG OVERDUE, THANK YOU DARREN AND THE MOBILE DRUGS SCREEN TEAM!!

  3. Thank you!! My daughter Grace was required by court to have a weekly drug test at our cost to satisfy the court and conditions of her probation. There were no choices I could find other than the embarrassment of having to go to a cattle call lab and hoping we wouldn’t run into anyone we knew and then our family lawyer referred us to Mobile Drugs Screen, what a difference! They are totally confidential, the Tester Technician, Tess came to our house and per our request she did not wear her Mobile Drugs Screen uniform, conducted the test and left all in all about 15 minutes in the privacy of our own home. No one knew anything. We see Tess every week, she’s professional, friendly, educated and non judgmental. The pricing is very fair considering our requirements with time of day, no uniform and so on. Tess sends the results straight to the court electronically and the probation officer is also sent a copy. You can also access the results on the Mobile Drugs Screen website, totally safe and secure with no names on the results form with a unique number only shown. You guys have been a life saver and we really appreciate everything and we will sing your praises forever….Sincerely, John…Hancock Park, California

    • Thank you Mr. T, I’m glad I was able to help your family, it’s been my absolute pleasure and I wish you all the very best for the future.


      Test Technician 1
      Mobile Drugs Screen – Los Angeles

  4. I’d like to thank your company for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My family and friends have been affected by this disease and we as a human race need to do whatever to eradicate CANCER through whatever means possible. I’ve never used your service but my company has and we appreciate how kind you all are, it’s refreshing that in 2015 there are still kind and compassionate people around who go the extra mile without there being the incentive of money.

    • Thank you Mrs. Roddi, we appreciate you posting a comment.

      Mobile Drugs Screen supports many deserving charities some are listed on the ticker at the bottom of the Home Page. We all can help in many ways other than financial donations such as volunteering your time, services and donating items for resale such as clothes, cars and so on.

      We also appreciate the owners of Mobile Drugs Screen (Worlds BEST Employer) who also donate services such as free testing to deserving clients and organizations.


      Client Services Supervisor
      Mobile Drugs Screen

  5. I have a startup catering company which I launched 2 months ago and needed drug testing for employees on a very limited budget. The good people at Mobile Drugs Screen tested my first round of employees, nine to be exact at no charge, that just amazed me they went above and beyond. I can’t thank you all enough, you’ve got my business and I’ll be spreading the word about how great you all are. Special thank you to Darren, Tyler and Brad you guys are truly special people and this has renewed my belief in the human race. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  6. Great service for families with teens. This was quick, easy and private and the price was relative to the type of service they provide considering this was done in our home on a weekend night (8:00pm). We went down the road of the buy it yourself test at Walmart. Those tests are worthless, they read a negative and then when Mobile Drugs Screen came out with a lab quality test 2 of 3 of my kids were positive which is what we had originally suspected. So if you want the real result don’t buy cheap tests from drug stores. With the ‘official’ results here on paper it allowed us to get local support, counseling and services from their high school. Well worth it, also we paid by credit card. Thanks Claire for coming out to our house, being totally discrete and full of information. We’ve setup for monthly service (got a discount) until this drug problem in our house is eradicated.

  7. This company rates an ‘A Plus’, I gave them short notice for random employee drug testing. Within hours their team was on site, the tests were completed in total privacy and our employee base was treated with respect and dignity. Pricing was fair and we were given a volume discount but honestly for us price was not an issue as we had an urgent need to complete these tests by our insurance company. Results were quick, confidential and we accessed the results on line, our insurance company was so impressed they made them an approved vendor. Special thanks to Merrill, Courtney and Darren for making this happen and your professionalism, high level of customer service, utmost discretion and compassion.

  8. Thank you for the wonderful gifts your Test Technician dropped off today on the companies behalf in Woodland Hills. Your generosity is amazing and greatfully received. God Bless you all for another year of giving.

  9. Tyler was my support contact. He was efficient, friendly, understanding and all around made it very easy. I have many friends that own businesses and because of Tyler I am going to direct them to your web site. I know they have been using other services. Politeness: 5 out of 5 Proficiency: 5 out of 5

  10. I am very impressed with this company, I’ve been using them over the years for random testing on job sites. I am currently working on a major construction site outside of my home base in Southern California. I had a need for random testing based on suspicions and Mobile Drugs Screen offered at their cost to fly a Test Technician to our location. I outranked that decision and flew the technician on my companies jet to our location where the random testing was done and the technician was then flown back to Santa Monica airport. All in a days work but you know where do you find this level of customer service these days?? We had a major issue with our investors and because of the swift action of Mobile Drugs Screen our investors were happy and our insurance company was satisfied which then gave us the green light to continue with the project. Folks these people are so great to deal with, thank you so much!!

  11. Thank you! My son is away at college in California and Mobile Drugs Screen went to his dorm at 2:00am after I got a phone call which led me to suspect my son was engaging in certain activities. I appreciate that the Test Technician was very patient in locating my son on a very large campus and then dealing with him in the state he was in. I was kept informed every step of the way and got a final report after they left. My wife and I appreciate what you did and you went above and beyond parent to parent. We won’t use any other company.

  12. Heather what a wonderful and beautiful posting on Facebook tonight. You’ve been to my home to test one of my children. Being in the entertainment industry for over 20 years I’ve seen it all, Heather is right don’t disregard the signs and spend the money and test privately with this wonderful company. Please read Heathers post on Facebook, maxing truth from a caring person.

  13. I’m a HR Manager for a small company in downtown LA in the garment district. Heather stopped in today and had some great offerings which really will help our company out and certainly save us some money and major time in our pre employment checks, random testing and so on. I was so impressed by the savings the owner is signing a contract with Mobile Drugs Screen next week.. I was very impressed with Heather and her knowledge of each of the products she presented….Thanks Heather we look forward to having a relationship with you and your company.

  14. You guyz have Hot, Hot, Hot Test Technicians in Los Angeles. geez do a calendar or something. I’ve tested a couple of times and each time the hottest girls have tested me!! Thanks!!! You guys and gals rock it!!

  15. AWESOME COMPANY!! My wife and I run a small 8 employee company in San Diego. We just felt too small to get any company to partner with us to test our employees. This company provided us with our drug and alcohol policy, came and tested at our location and gave us results for all our employees within a couple if hours. The Test person, Leslie was unbelievably professional yet approachable, kind and compassionate. She also assisted us with documentation which got us a discount on our business insurance policy because we participate in testing our employees. Leslie we can’t thank you and your company enough. WOW!!

  16. Thank you you’ve given me piece of mind even though you told me my sons results were positive but I already knew deep down he was using. He’s now in rehab. Thank you Darren, you showed decency and respect and were non judgemental hard to find these days. This company is real. Thanks again…Margot…BTW as promised I’m sending donuts for the office, least I can d

  17. Called Mobile Drugs Screen at 11:00pm requesting them to drug test a couple of employees who were suspected of being under the influence of something. The phone was answered immediately, I actually spoke with the Test Technician, Peter. He went over the process including pricing which for a service that comes to you at 11:00pm at night the pricing was appropriate and fair. Peter was on site at my business within 27 minutes exactly, that’s huge! The testing was done privately and discretely in a very respectful manner and I had the results within 40 minutes. I wish I’d known this service existed before now because I would have subscribed to regular testing of my employees which as I came to find out would get me a discount on my insurance policy. Thanks again Peter I can’t say enough good things about you and the company.

  18. It has been my pleasure to work with Mobile Drugs Screen for the last couple of years. I manage a residential treatment facility and having the service come to our location is such a relief. We used to have to go to a lab and wait, my clients are not good at waiting or being in public places so this service has become essential and mandatory amongst our various treatment locations in Southern California. Their prices are reasonable BUT their service is an A+, thank you to Darren our Test Technician and thank you to the very courteous office team for helping to make my job of multi tasking so much easi

  19. I am a weekly client for Mobile Drugs Screen and my Test Tech. is Darren. Ask for him he’s terrific. I appreciate this service they come to my condo, it’s discrete and dependable. Pricing is what you’d expect for a service that comes to your home, but we all know there is a price for convenience! No matter what day or time I call their phone is answered….Thank you Darren!!

  20. Darren, I am sorry for taking so long to get back to you I just wanted to Thank you for the excellent treatment when you came out to do our drug testing I have passed your contact info to our Union hall as they refer a lot of our contractors people to go to work. See you next time again Thanks. Rick

  21. I am a family law lawyer in the Orange County area and I now exclusively use Mobile Drugs Screen for any client testing needs. This companies customer service is way above excellent and I would compare them to the friendliness of the folks at Disneyland. The Test Technician, Julie just went above and beyond and she was so friendly and courteous to my client it was like she had known them her whole life. You guys and gals are awesome, thank you for going above and beyond.

  22. Our family is high profile and we required discretion and confidentiality to the utmost degree. As I can make this recommendation anonymously I can say these folks from the initial call to the on site service went out of their way to follow our requests and we had quite a few. As we had requested the Test Technician showed up without uniform, no signage and looked just like another one of our visitors. The test was done privately in our home and no one was any the wiser as to why they were there. Pricing was great we had checked with local labs which actually were higher but for us we cannot go anywhere in public without being noticed and recognized so a lab was not an option. Hats off to this company, we will use them exclusively and will recommend them to our circle of friends. By the way we were so impressed we tipped the Test Technician because he was that good, did a better job than I can do when I act. Thanks again Mobile Drugs Screen you have bought back our faith in common courtesy and good customer service. We got way more then we expected, thank you!!

  23. Great service, loved your Test Technician, Heather in Los Angeles what a knowledgeable and qualified person. She explained the service and how it all worked so when she asked if I had any questions I had none she covered everything. I actually tipped her when my test was negative I was sooo happy!! Thank you Heather and Mobile Drugs Screen. I’ll be back!!

  24. I was looking for piece of mind as I suspected my daughter may have been smoking pot. I found Mobile Drugs Screen through a Google search and OMG what great people (non judgmental or opinionated), these folks are great with the best customer service. My suspicions were found to be correct with my daughter BUT my husband and I have been able to take corrective action and we’ve now got our daughter back. Thank you Mobile Drugs Screen and especially Darren the Test Technician, you’re the best. This service is worth it’s weight in gold. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

  25. Greetings Mobile Drugs Screen Crew: Thank you again for your professionalism and expediency in fulfilling my testing needs. I appreciate your discretion and ability to meet my requests within a timely manner. I will certainly recommend you to anyone requiring your services, and have already posted about your company on my blog. Best wishes, Nash

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