Why should I do drug testing ?

By having a routine and regular drug testing policy you will significantly reduce incidences of theft, absenteeism, and lost time accidents. The added bonus is your insurance company may also offer policy incentives if you have a regular drug testing policy in place. We can assist you with setting up a policy for your business, sometimes at no cost to you.

Why choose Mobile Drugs Screen?

We are dedicated to provide you the best customer service experience and price our services accordingly and competitively. MDS is highly customer focused and will work hard to earn your trust, respect and partner with you or your company to provide this high level of service consistently. Our team is highly educated and credentialed with ongoing industry education provided and yearly re-certification mandatory.

Is drug testing expensive?

Drug testing with Mobile Drugs Screen is very affordable. We offer volume discounts and packages for all business sizes and personal requirements. We pride ourselves on always working with the client on pricing.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Credit Cards and Company Checks. Personal checks are not accepted without prior bank verification. Businesses can also set up charge accounts after an initial deposit and testing has been completed. We offer Net 15 accounts to our business clients upon request and credit verification.

What types of tests do you perform?

MDS provides various types of tests. Please go to the “Services” page of our website for a complete list. If the specific test is not listed please ask when you call, we probably can perform the test or have our lab partner create a test specifically to meet your requirements. COVID19 testing now available.

How do I schedule a test?

You have choices to setup a tests:

Do I have to schedule more than one test?

No, Mobile Drugs Screen will perform a single or provide multiple testing at your business or home.

Do you charge extra for your mobile drug screen service?

Our pricing routinely is less expensive than having to set an appointment and go to a laboratory. We will also match and beat competitor pricing. We always recommend tests that read positive be sent to our lab partner for additional testing. There is an additional charge for lab testing, lab results including an MRO report typically take around 24 to 48 hours to be made available. This of course depends on the type of test as well.

What if I don’t have a drug testing policy in place?

MDS can work with you to implement a policy which meets your company’s needs and compliance.

Packages including testing, pre-employment services and policies are available and are tailored to your budget.

Generally how long can drugs be detected in urine?

Depending on the drug. Most narcotics can be detected for up to 5 days; Amphetamines and methamphetamines for 1-3 days; THC (marijuana) can under certain circumstances be detected for as long as 6 weeks however this can vary on the person’s weight. Hair follicle testing can detect drugs for around 90 days or more in some cases.

Are your tests accurate?

Yes, absolutely and we stand behind our results with full laboratory support including MRO (Medical Review Officer) supported results.

What happens or what do I do if there is a positive test result?

All results will be discretely delivered to you and any action as a result of that test would be at your discretion. All tests performed by MDS are strictly confidential. Businesses should consult with their HR Department (Human Resource) for the current policy including rules and regulations.

How often should I test my employees?

DOT rules may apply to your business an example being a trucking company and if so the DOT will mandate a testing schedule. If DOT regulations don’t apply to your business there are always options depending on your company’s needs and or policy. Generally speaking a RDT (random drug test) should be performed at least once a year, generally the average for a company is twice a year.

Can you also test for alcohol or prescription drugs?

Yes absolutely, testing options are available, our lab partner can also create a test specifically to meet your requirements.

What should I do if I suspect a family member is participating in drugs?

MDS will come to your home and perform a test and also schedule future regular visits to ensure compliance. MDS also recommends you seek professional counseling services for your family member.

Will it be obvious I am performing drug testing at my office or home?

No, MDS and our team of professional testers are very discreet and we will make a note of any site requirements to ensure the highest level of privacy and confidentiality. We follow HIPAA rules and Government Regulations regarding client privacy, confidentiality and testing requirements.